The Right Equipment Makes Seasonal Landscaping a Snap

The Right Equipment Makes Seasonal Landscaping a Snap
Spring maintenance and seasonal landscaping can be quite the chore, especially for home and property owners who lack the right tool. From pruning trees and removing stumps to the mulching and tilling needed to start a new garden, equipment rentals that can provide access to the full range of high-end landscaping equipment can provide an ideal solution. Rental options make for a cost-effective alternative when it comes to specialty tools and single-use equipment that may have a key role to play in any upcoming landscaping or lawn care project.

Chainsaws and Stump Removal

Pruning trees by hand can be a time and labor-intensive chore, and complete tree and stump removal can be all but impossible for those who are using hand tools alone. Renting a chainsaw means that pruning the entire property can often be completed in only a few hours. Stump grinders can provide property owners with the means to finally remove any unsightly reminders that may have been left behind after removing an unwanted tree.

Mulching and Brush Chippers

Removing dead branches, brush and even trees or saplings that have been cut down don’t have to be a pointless chore. Renting a brush chipper means that unwanted brush can be mulched on-site. Equipment rentals can even pay for themselves by making it possible to turn unwanted waste material into quality mulch, ideal for gardening and landscaping alterations. A single afternoon with a brush chipper is often all that is required to clean up the environment and eliminate the need to spend money on the mulch needed to fertilize soil or to create landscaped areas, pathways and other features.

Fence Installation

From replacing an existing installation to adding an accent to a garden, hedge or other area, fence installation is a great way to beautify the landscape and optimize the curb appeal of a property. Digging post holes for a fence by hand can be a difficult task under even the most ideal circumstances, and is rarely the best option. A powered post-hole digger makes constructing even a full-perimeter privacy fence a much simpler undertaking. Just a few hours to make use of a trailer-towed or powered post-hold digger is often more than enough to prep even the largest fence installation. Access to the right equipment means that landscaping projects and upgrades can be completed in a fraction of the time that property owners might have expected.

Tilling, Gardening and Complete Lawn Replacement

Turning over the soil with nothing but a pitchfork and a garden hoe can be a backbreaking task. Automated tillers range from smaller models that only produce a few horsepowers, suitable for most accent areas, vegetable gardens or similar features. Larger models are available and will allow property owners to take on even the most ambitious landscaping efforts without breaking a sweat. Tilling 1,500 square feet or more means that even the biggest lawns can be tilled quickly and easily in order to ensure that property owners are able to plant fresh grass, xeriscaping or take on whatever projects they may be considering with far greater ease.

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