Chinese Group to Bring Quality Heavy Construction Equipment to the US

It is not enough to have a quality product. Ask China as they enter their 3rd decade of manufacturing everything from excavators to coal mining machinery. The Chinese are known for low quality and cheap prices to Americans, but when it comes to engineering technology, they are supreme.

Excavator at Construction Site

Premium excavators have been rolling off the line at an incredible pace. The durability of these products and the capability to run 24/7 make the Chinese market for heavy equipment one of the best in the world.

Marketing Know-How

Although trade shows offer expanded coverage of China’s most precious commodity, there is more that can be done to increase this network. Dealerships can be expanded to more countries. Educating and advertising the benefits of China’s well-made equipment can tickle global interest. The US and South America are examples of the weak sales of quality Chinese heavy equipment.

Where to Start

It has been said that manufacturing should take place wherever sales are needed. This makes sense in the overall plan of growing a product. China has not overlooked this plan and is currently looking into producing their popular models in the US. Not only will this be a major plus in China’s name for their ability to be recognized as a leader in construction equipment technology, but will also bring products closer to American dealers.

Premium versus Cheap

When it comes to construction, every second count.s US contractors will make that initial investment for equipment if they are guaranteed a good return. Thousands of dollars are lost each year from equipment breakdowns. The loss of time on a major project cannot be replaced. China has found a way to build premium heavy equipment through advanced technology. The proof is through the discovery that some American contractors have been seeing.

Heavy construction equipment has been a cornerstone of builders for over a hundred years. Changing attitudes to recognize a better mousetrap by a new company from a new country is not always easy to swallow. However, with the changes in marketing and manufacturing that China is now making, this can be a win-win solution to the Chinese and countless countries around the world. Their new plan of action will increase profitability, exposure, new jobs and fewer problems in the construction industry in less than 5 years. Watch for more news on this incredible leap of ingenuity on the part of China.

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